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What Others Say...

Good audience -


Thanks for inviting us!


Incognito Harmony Quartet

Love the ties!! So Bright!


Caroline Mitchell

Thank you for making our family day yesterday so special for us. I will never forget the Silver City Singers performing 'Wild Mountain Thyme' and 'Goodnight Sweetheart'. With best wishes,


“When you sing, musical vibrations move through you, altering your physical and emotional landscape. Group singing is cheaper than therapy, healthier than drinking, and certainly more fun than working. It is the one thing in life where feeling better is pretty much guaranteed. Even if you walked into rehearsal exhausted and depressed, by the end of the night you’ll walk out high as a kite on endorphins and good will.”

.....was visiting my mum at  Jesmond yesterday, great entertainment, was lovely to see her smiling so much.

Lynne Hollis

" .....oh, they all really enjoyed it!


They were talking to me about it last night,


please come back again soon - you really


cheered them all up!"



Diana Reid   - Manager, Rosewell House





 ..... made our wedding celebrations something special!

Many thanks to everyone involved!

Fred and Kerry Palmer


Kim and Family.

Stacy Horn, Vocal Coach

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